Vintage Ink Tattoos & Piercings

Bringing vintage typography back with a modern touch, the branding of this tattoo shop was made to depict the vast ability of their artists, such as traditional, realistic, watercolor, neo-traditional, etc. With the local area saturated with multiple tattoo shops, font choice & color allowed them to stand out from their competitors.


Create a brand that shows the vast ability of the shop’s artists, while speaking to the name as a vintage shop. This would show throughout print collateral such as stickers, skateboards, & more. A web presence was also needed to mimic the messaging of their new branding.

Key Elements

Vintage Look & Feel

Custom Typography



Custom typography was explored & created to bridge the gap between vintage & modern. The bulky font is similar to popular modern typography, while the inclusion of the serifs gave a gothic feeling to each letter. All collateral was built around this custom font & idea.
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