Olympiad Sports Complex



M. Scott Media was approached to create the brand personality and messaging for Olympiad Sports Complex. Their overall demographic were athletes of all ages, but want to primarily focus their reach on polo enthusiasts. One obstacle we were tasked with was to bring the game of polo into the modern era and excite new audiences to learn the game.


Develop a brand and collateral material to grow the Olympiad name to multiple demographics while focusing primarily on polo and how we can excite audiences to play it.


Photos were taken of a local polo match, which would spark the overall look and feel of Olympiad’s branding. From one of the action shots, a silhouette was created of a player running toward the typography lockup. Collateral was then created using various action shots, as well as brand fonts and colors to build awareness and grow the company’s reach. In all collateral pieces, an overlay was used of crumpled up plastic to show the rich history of polo, while a simplistic icon of the world and blue color was added to show the current era of the sport. This would add another layer to their messaging which could excite new audiences in a visually stimulating way.

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