The Mad Hatter Blog & Editorial



M. Scott Media was asked to create the brand personality for The Mad Hatter Blog & Editorial. This was a new media organization that reports on art, music, life, and culture with a bit of a rebellious side to their choice of content and point of view. This type of culture in the organization was asked to be told very clearly to their audience.


Create a rebel-like brand and personality that can span across print and digital material alike to share editorial content with the masses.


To create The Mad Hatter’s logo, we took a very different approach than normal. First, a typographic lockup was created with modern san-serif fonts. Then, the lockup was printed out and ripped in half across the word “Hatter”. This was then finally brought back onto the computer and vectorized once more. The tear in such blocky letters screams rebel from the first look. As for the magazine, a pattern of illustrations was formed through skeletons, tattoos, graffiti, cameras, art, and more to further push their rebellious nature and to show the context of some topics you may find in the editorial and blog. In contrast to the outside of the magazine, each article was neatly set up to allow the readers to focus on the topic they are reading. The blog followed the magazine’s design aesthetics as well (patterns to bring attention to various call-to-actions but each article is simple to read).

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