Olympiad Sports Complex

Bringing a sport like polo to a modern audience can be tough but utilizing imagery from Jamie Issacs, textures, & color allowed for a present-day brand personality to be born. In all collateral pieces, an overlay was used of crumpled up plastic to show the rich history of the sport, while a simplistic icon of the world & use of blue was added to show the current era of the sport.


Develop a brand & collateral material to grow the Olympiad name to multiple demographics while focusing primarily on polo & how we can excite audiences to play it. The overall demographic were athletes of all ages, but want to primarily focus their reach on polo enthusiasts. One obstacle was to bring this game into the modern era & excite new audiences to learn it.

Key Elements


Modern Look & Feel



Utilizing imagery from Jamie Issacs, a grid was created to guide the audience’s eye from upper left to lower right when making the vector icon which led to the typographic lockup. The look & feel was also built off the color, lighting, & composition that was captured inside these photos.
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