Argon Production Co.

Argon is a colorless & odorless gas. Taking this into consideration, a logo was created without color & elements of a do not enter sign can be seen in the “O”. To dig even deeper, a periodic table grid was created for the background of all collateral pieces. Faded color can be seen throughout the brand as well. As for interactive elements that were requested, various graphics were added to their collateral material to mimic your phone’s music player.


Create a brand & message, to launch Argon Production Co, as well as add interactive elements to allow their audience to see them as a different music production studio than their competitors.

Key Elements

Interactive Elements

Scientific Look & Feel



Multiple concepts were explored utilizing the “O” as an emphasis for the name of the organization. Each took elements from language & science to create an icon that can stand alone & in the wordmark. The final choice resembled a “do not enter sign”, which was appealing to the organization.
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